July 5, 2018
4 months and 11 days left
until our celebration.
Greetings Family Members,

I’m excited to announce that plans have begun for the 2018 Isaac & Eliza Thigpen Family Reunion!

Well, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Vernell Lofton. I am the daughter of Scott Thigpen & Lottie Stennis the Granddaughter of Scott Thigpen & Estella Dixion who is the son of Louis Thigpen. We are descendant of Isaac & Eliza Thigpen out of Rose Hill, MS. I am also your 2018 Reunion Coordinator. Several of the Reunion Committee members and I are working hard to bring you a wonderful experience in 2018. We are striving to make this event affordable and memorable. The committee and I plan on maintaining tradition, acknowledging our heritage and establishing a new connection. 

This website will continue to serve as our official mean of communication, as we plan and coordinate our family gathering. We want you to come out, have fun, and enjoy. It's our hope that all descendants of the late Isaac and Eliza Thigpen will share pictures, comments, celebration, businesses, memorials, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing you, each and every one of you, in Rose Hill, Mississippi to continue celebrating our family history as "The Legacy Continues"

Committee Members

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